The question of the structure of your web site is essential because a good structure offers of better results in the search engine result pages. Very often, this aspect is wrongly overlooked. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably one of the most crucial points in order to reach optimal SEO performances and encourage your visitors to navigate through the pages of your website.

User Experience at the heart of the strategy

First of all, an adapted website structure allows you to develop a global vision of the path taken by your visitors. It is the reflection of what you offer them. If the structure of your site, its navigation menus, the destination pages and the internal links are not optimized, you will not succeed in getting the attention of the users, which implies that your bounce rate will be important and the time they spend on your website will be low. Yet, the duration of the sessions is one of the criteria of your ranking on Google!
Besides, if the structure of your contents does not appeal to the visitor, he/she will leave the page and will certainly go somewhere else. You cannot simply afford to lose a prospective customer, hence the necessity to think about the structure of your website beforehand. Although this exercise is delicate, to create the arborescence of your site is essential and inescapable.

Gain a better visibility in Google

You should not forget that Googlebot and the rest of the other crawling bots browse several million pages each day. This hard labour is necessary for the search engines to index and then classify the contents of the websites according to their relevance. And the better the structure of your website is, the faster and more efficient the indexation of its pages will be. Given that Google does not have the technical means to crawl every page of every website, an optimized website structure and a site map will make the exploration by the bots easier. Finally, let’s not forget that, based on the ease of navigation, Google may decide to add sitelinks when your website appears in the SERP. This element is not to be neglected since it is the certainty to give your CTR (click through rate) a little boost.