Do we need to prepare our websites for voice search? Since Google announces that 20% of Android users’ requests are made orally, we believe that it is sensible to ask the question. Could this small revolution, named voice search, impact the SEO of your site?

Voice search, an innovation that already has its place in the USA

Did you know that in the United States voice search is already underway? Indeed, according to various studies and polls carried out in 2015, about 60 % of North American web users have already used voice search to browse the internet. Not less than 39 % of them even used voice search to dictate a text. Hence it makes no doubt that voice search has a bright future, especially as we live in a world in which we are more and more often on the move and busy carrying out several tasks simultaneously.

How voice search could impact SEO?

Voice search will strongly influence on page search engine optimization. Indeed, the latter is going to have to adapt to new uses: with voice search, the requests will seem more natural than ever. It will therefore be necessary to bring relevant and targeted answers to web users (let’s not forget that Google has insisted for a long time on the fact that it wishes to change strategy, the objective being to become an "engine of answers" rather than a ‘search engine’).

Long tail keywords will take over

To give you an example, request such as ‘best restaurant London’ will probably become negligible as users carrying out a search vocally will more likely formulate the question in the following manner: ‘what is the best restaurant in London?’. The task of SEO will have to take into account this new type of requests, to such extent that long tail keywords will gradually replace the basic keywords on which more than 90% of the market’s players currently concentrate on.

When mobile and local go hand in hand

Besides, in 2017, mobile and local have become central. More than 70% of Internet users now carry out their searches from their smartphone. And when they do it, it is generally to search for a provider geographically close to where they are. That means that your strategy must be focused on mobile and that your Googles My Business listing must be perfectly filled out. You do not know how to do it? Do not panic, Vizyshop’s specialists are here to help you and will answer any question you may have.