Unless a website has been hit by a heavy penalty, its lifecycle is infinite. However, its optimization can take some time to succeed, regardless of the efforts of the webmaster to make it rank better. How long does it take to start seeing the effects, positives or negatives, of an SEO optimization campaign? In this article, we’ll try to answer the question.

The effects of SEO optimization are not immediate 

Let's make it clear, several months are required before one can see the effects of a SEO change in the SERPs. As Google itself indicates, in the great majority of the cases, the optimization of a website for search engines is only effective after about 4 months. And that is in the best case scenario. In certain situations, up to 12 months are necessary before the first improvements becomes visible!
As any SEO professional already knows, Search Engine Optimisation is a discipline that requires patience. If Google did not set a timetable as such, it is still good to know that months are necessary before the improve-ments brought by perseverance come into effect. With that information in mind, SEO specialists will now know how to schedule their various actions (identification of the issues and implementation of the changes) in a logical and rational way.

How long should an SEO campaign last?

It is understandable for website’s owners to wish to obtain results quickly. However, it would be unrealistic to believe that a website can reach one of the top positions on the search engine result pages (SERP) after mere-ly a few weeks of efforts. Indeed, SEO optimization requires time and a webmaster or a web agency would not be able to obtain such a result before at least six months. Moreover, Google like fresh content which means that actions should be carried out at least weekly and over several months.
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