Google algorithm’s updates rolled out over time allow the search engine to filter the results shown to web users. Hence, they play a crucial role since they help supply high-quality information to Internet users. Every update of the algorithm is extremely complex and possesses its own peculiarities. So, for instance, the Penguin update does not act the same way as the Panda and Hummingbird filters do. Furthermore, the filters are themselves continuously updated.

What is the new filter developed by Google about?

Recently, numerous webmasters have stated that Google might have rolled out a brand new anti-spam filter. In reality, nobody really knows if it is a new filter or simply an update or extension of Google Penguin. What we do know, on the other hand, is that the targeted websites are the ones whose SEO strategy is based on artificial backlinks and Private Blog Networks (PBN).
According to the rumours, the filter was rolled out to fight low quality backlinks, which are very often found in Private Blog Networks.

Google targets aggressive link building techniques

Since February 1st, 2017, the owners of websites that made intensive use of aggressive link building techniques seem to be panicking. Indeed, websites that use PBN are penalized. 
A PBN, or simply a network of websites, is a set of websites held by a unique owner. Each of these websites usually possesses one or several backlinks linking to a core website, which is at the heart of the ecosystem. Very often the PBN consists of a conglomerate of free blogs created via platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

Can you get out of a penalty?

You should know that if your PBN was hit by a Google penalty, it will be very difficult to recover from it. It is therefore better not to take any risk and follow Google’s guidelines, especially as the risk for your website’s future is very real.
The best way to prevent your website from being penalized is to understand how the algorithm’s updates work and to respect the guidelines set by Google’s engineers. 

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