HTTPS? But what is it, you may wonder? HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol to transfer data on the internet, by using an encrypted and therefore secured system.

HTTPS protects your site and prevents the intrusions of ill-intentioned thirds parties or even the retrieval of data transiting through your Wi-Fi system, for example. But migrating to HTTPS can also boost your ranking.

Four reasons you should move to HTTPS right now

Soon, the websites that are not secure will necessarily be penalized. Or rather, very soon, every website will be forced to have an SSL / TLS certificate, something that switching to HTTPS guarantees. It is better not to delay the move too much because HTTPS has four benefits.

1.Improved safety

HTTPS protocol protects your website data as well as those of your visitors. The SSL/TLS certificate encodes the information transferred on the Internet, in particular the submissions of forms and the transactions real-ized by credit card.

2. SEO boost

For some time now, the websites that have opted for HTTPS have been ranking better in the SERP. Indeed, it would seem that a site with HTTPS enjoys a little bit of help from Google, what we call a push. This gain is clearly valuable and you should jump on this opportunity to gain visibility.

3. A trustworthy website

If you possess an e-commerce site, migrating to HTTPS is necessary, even compulsory. Indeed, the installation of the certificate will reassure your clients, especially if they have to realize electronic payments on your web-site.

4. An affordable solution

If previously switching to HTTPS was expensive turned out expensive, it is not the case anymore. Indeed, host-ing providers are now making it practical and affordable to migrate in order to compete better and gain mar-ket shares.

Let Vizyshop help you with your website’s migration from HTTP to HTTPS

Although moving to HTTPS is ultimately only a redirection from the former version of your website to a new version 100 % secured, it is strongly recommended to ask the assistance of a professional to carry out this task. Indeed, if handled incorrectly, you could put in jeopardy all of your data as well as your website SEO. If you want to maintain your hard-earned position, entrust Vizyshop team with your HTTPS migration!