The web goes mad and everybody tweets about it: another change at Google! It would seem that the removal of Adwords’ advertisements on the right side of search results pages is on the agenda. It is, at least, what reports - among other things - the website Search Engine Lan.

Ads will only be displayed above the search results. Sometimes a fourth ad will be integrated, instead of the ordinary three ads, before the organic search results. Google specifies that this fourth line only concerns the highly commercial ads.

What are the implications?

One of the consequences of this change is the limitation of the number of ads put forward on certain queries and therefore a better efficiency for the remaining ads. The other consequence is the standardization of the display whether we surf the web on a mobile, a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop.
This new revolution from Google is the outcome of numerous tests realized since 2010 and it underwent several updates since then. And, if for the giant of Mountain View the change will be a source of increased income, for the announcers it will probably mean soaring costs for certain keywords due to the limited space available and the competition which is going to rage between the announcers seeking to display their products or services.