Last Tuesday, 25th of February, Google launched the AMP format (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which allows a very fast display of the webpages loaded from a mobile device. You can now see, in search results, the AMP icon that indicates that the associated webpage has integrated the format.

How to integrate the AMP format into your website?

To integrate the AMP format into your website you have several options. For website developed with WordPress there is a AMP plugin permitting to automatically integrate the AMP format. Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress, another plugin intended for developers, has also been developed.
For the other webpages, not built with WordPress, there is a website created by Google for the AMP project. This website gives the basic information about generating an AMP page.

For a loading time of the pages four times faster

The official Google blog explains that “AMP is great for browsing the web on mobile devices, because webpages built with AMP load an average of four times faster and use 10 times less data than equivalent non-AMP pages."

It is now up to websites editors to update their contents according to this new integration of Google so as to benefit from a good ranking on the keywords searched from mobile devices.