After the new ads extensions, such as SMS, price and affiliate location, that have been gradually introduced over the last months, Google AdWords now adorns itself with a new extension: the promotion extensions. But how does it work and how to benefit from it in your Google AdWords campaigns?

Google AdWords promotion extensions: how does it work?

If you have already set up and managed Google AdWords campaigns, promotion extensions will probably not be unfamiliar. Indeed, Google AdWords is simply using the same pictogram and functioning as for other ex-tensions. From your Google AdWords account, campaign or ad group, you will find a tab, soberly named "Promotion Extensions". Selecting "Promotion Extension" will lead you to another window in which you will be able to configure the aforementioned extension.
Concretely, you will be asked to choose a currency, a type of promotion, to define the condition of the pro-motion, to add the final URL and, eventually, to establish a calendar of when you want the extensions to show on your ads.

What are the advantages of promotion extensions? 

The extensions of promotion potentially allow to improve the click through rate (CTR) of your ads for two main reasons: the promotion extensions make your ads larger and more visible and, intrinsically, users will be more incline to click on ad offering a promotion than on an ad that does not have one!
Besides, from now on, the advertisers have the possibility to add or remove promotions as often as they wish, without losing the previous statistics of the ads. Indeed, it is not necessary any more to modify the whole ad in case of seasonal or exceptional promotions, and that permits advertisers to better compare the statistics and optimise their campaigns.
To sum up, promotion extension constitutes a real advantage from those who want to take advantage of their various promotions: it gives them more visibility and help them to measure the ROI of their campaigns more easily.