Google made it official, from now on the search engine will prefer AMP pages to the other ones, especially those from apps, even if they have app indexing deployed. All the websites, whatever their activity is, are now invited to adopt the AMP format, which will offer, by the end of the year, a much higher visibility in mobile search results.

AMP pages are finally put forward in Google !

Early August Google had already made it very clearly. In a press release it explained that AMP pages would soon appear in organic search results and that they would not be limited to the News Carousel anymore.

Indeed, as Google very clearly stated, “all the websites that have mobile-friendly pages, such as Ecommerce, tourism, travel or recipe websites, will get a better visibility in mobile search results”. Moreover, an overview was made available by Google in September. Among other things, it was possible to preview the effects of the update.

Exposure of AMP pages: what you should know

You must realise that Google will not give AMP pages a SEO boost. So, do not expect your AMP pages to help you improve your ranking. On the other hand, what is certain is that a page that has both an AMP and a mobile version will be positively perceived by Google, which will always prefer the first version. Moreover, it is plausible that a page that has the AMP logo will get a better click through rate on mobile.

Remember that App Indexing clearly lost popularity. So, if you still have app pages that are indexed with "Deep Link", consider formatting them with AMP. That will mitigate possible drops in the number of impressions you could see in the Google Search Console. We will naturally keep you informed of the latest news sent by Google. In the meantime, do the right thing, opt for the AMP format.