If you have just built a website and are planning to implement an SEO strategy, the first question to ask yourself is how long will it take my search engine optimization strategy to produce results on Google? Or, how long does optimization on Google take?

Optimization on Google? Takes 4 to 5 months

We can state with some certainty that these days, 4 or 5 months are needed to reach the first page of Google search results. Unlike paid SEA, organic SEO is a long-term job. Admittedly, results take longer to appear, but search rankings can be maintained over the long term.

The time taken to optimize on Google can vary

The time taken to optimize on Google can vary The time taken to optimize on Google can vary https://www.vizyshop.com/sites/vizyshop.com/files/styles/large/public/paragraphs/photos/delai-referencement_0.jpg?itok=5y339ZIq

In reality, the time needed to optimize Google to achieve high ranking search results for certain keywords will depend on two main factors:

  • 1. Your site’s relevance: the site structure, quality of content, its age, its URLs
  • 2. Market competition: presence of competitors on target keywords, intensity of competition for keywords, etc.

There are thus many factors that could slow down a website’s progress. Only an SEO expert can identify and correct them. To reduce the time it takes to secure search engine ranking for your website, it is recommended to think about an optimization strategy well before the site is published online.

It goes without saying that a page ranked on a long-tailed keyword will achieve results much faster than a page that uses a highly sought-after keyword (about 1 month versus 3 to 6 months). Generally speaking, new websites receive special attention from Google. So note that if activity on your website is non-existent a few months after it was created, Google will ignore it and the optimization process will take even longer.