As you know, a website’s search engine ranking underlies any digital strategy. There are two types of ranking optimization, i.e. organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid Search Engine Advertising (SEA), also known as cost-per-click (CPC). While SEO is based solely on organic search engine searches, SEA is used to create paid advertising by means of Google AdWords.

SEA supplements SEO, which enables you to gain more traffic, more conversions and results in greater awareness of your firm.

Understanding paid optimization (SEA)

Definition of search engine advertising

Search engine advertising (paid optimization) refers to a paid service, unlike SEO which is free of charge. SEA is based on buying key words and sponsored links.

The principle behind SEA is straightforward: adverts are created which are displayed on search engines and partner sites. Every time an Internet user enters a keyword on Google, and a website has implemented a SEA strategy for that keyword, that site will appear in the top three results, labelled as an advert. The website will be billed for each click on a published advert.

Google Adwords Google Adwords

SEA is based on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best known of the SEA platforms. All the tools needed to implement a SEA strategy are to be found there.

Unlike SEO, paid SEA delivers immediate results – the website appears in Google’s search results instantly. Google AdWords makes it possible to adapt your campaign to your financial resources.

Why is search engine advertising so important? Why is search engine advertising so important?

Why is search engine advertising so important?

SEA can be used to enable your website to achieve the following objectives:

More traffic: SEA’s first objective is to generate traffic on a website, and this is particularly true of new sites. New sites can in fact face fierce competition.

More conversions: with an appropriate paid optimization strategy, the target page will see increased sales of products and services.

Greater awareness on the market: SEA is an effective strategy for increasing a brand’s visibility on a market.

Supplementing SEO: by making it possible to reach a particular target group of users, SEA supplements an SEO strategy.