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31% of people looking for legal services use the Internet to find legal advisors. 95% of them trust online reviews to choose between legal firms.

There are currently 118,000 lawyers working in UK. You will therefore realize that showing on Google and having an optimized website are essential to deliver decent visibility and ensure you stand out from the competition.

In terms of communication, the legal profession is different from others, as it has a strict code of ethics that must be followed. Any form of advertising is prohibited. However, lawyers are allowed to have websites and to undertake search engine optimization.

So, SEO is worthwhile for your legal firm:

Because although it is regulated, it is not impossible

It is still possible to have an online presence, and even to optimize your lawyer’s website for search engines. According to Article 10.5 of the French legal profession’s code of ethics (RIN), paid search engine rankings (SEA) equates to advertising. Buying keywords or sponsored links is not permitted. In contrast, there is no rule to prevent you using search engine optimizing techniques on your website.

Because your competitors are not doing it

Did you know just 3-10% of legal firms’ websites are optimized for search engine rankings? Your competitors’ inactivity in this regard bestows a competitive advantage on your firm. Don’t wait a second longer before optimizing your law firm’s website.

Showing up on Google is proof of prestige

Showing up on Google is proof of prestige and trust. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it possible for you to attract new Internet users, who will contact you first.

SEO for a law firm’s website makes it more visible

Did you know that, on Google, there are 70,000 searches per month related to the legal profession? You will therefore understand that search engines are a vital factor. Search engine optimization for your site is essential to the development of your business.

Appoint an SEO agency that understands the legislation

Benefit from the advice of an experienced team

As communication and advertising are strictly regulated for the legal profession, use of an SEO agency with Google expertise is highly recommended.

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