Estate agent website SEO Estate agent website SEO

Search engine rankings are key to website visibility in the property sector. SEO accounts for 80-90% of a property website’s traffic.

Search engine optimization is reckoned to be the most effective driver for visitors to estate agents’ websites. It is consequently absolutely necessary to put a ranking strategy in place for your estate agency.

Using an SEO agency that specializes in obtaining high rankings for estate agents will mean that not only will Google find you, but put you on the first page of results.

Benefits of high search ranking for estate agent websites

Search engine optimization increases your visibility

As we said in the introduction, organic SEO accounts for 80-90% of a property website’s traffic. It is therefore the first driver to use to increase the number of visitors and the number of conversions.

Your competitors are already doing so

Operating in a complex, ever-changing economic environment, the property sector is highly competitive. With 226,935 firms in the French property sector, it is vital to put a search engine optimization strategy in place for your estate agency. Your competitors are already doing so. Accordingly, the longer you wait, the more market share you are losing in your town or area.

Search engine optimization can be used to stand out from the large chains

As you will certainly know, being in the business, the French property sector is dominated by big names such as Laforêt, SeLoger and Le Bon Coin. It is very difficult for a small estate agency to compete against these names in the most highly sought-after key words. But that does not mean SEO should be abandoned. With optimization, your agency’s website could rank highly in local searches on certain key words, and sustainably so.

Entrust the search ranking of your estate agency website to an SEO specialist

Benefit from the advice of an experienced team

We have a highly experienced team of experts in estate agency website SEO at Vizyshop. We are aware of the latest developments in search engines, and we provide bespoke solutions for your firm.

An agency capitalizes on relevance and accuracy

Most estate agents currently mistakenly under-estimate SEO’s importance to their strategy. What they don’t know is that optimization of an estate agent’s website will enable them to capitalize on their local search ranking.

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