Building trade website SEO Building trade website SEO

Unfortunately, many companies continue to neglect their online presence, and this is particularly true for the building industry. Although nowadays some customers still find you in the phone book or trade directories, make no mistake, a construction firm must now be visible on Google to obtain results.

80% of the general public look for building trade services using an Internet search engine.

Only professional SEO for your website will improve its visibility and deliver the relevant traffic that you expect, with a corresponding effect on your sales.

Three reasons to apply SEO to a construction or public works website

Gain the benefits from a free tool, open to all

Did you know that search engines such as Google can help you attract new customers totally free of charge? Search engine optimization means you can gain the benefit of this free, targeted audience.

Give your company greater visibility

It is no longer enough to have a listing in yellow pages to win new customers. 80% of the general public these days look for building trade services using an Internet search engine. The greatest benefit of SEO is in grabbing people’s attention.

Gain a competitive edge

To stand out, your website must highlight your expertise, the services your company offers, and your prices. We also advise including some recently completed projects and customer testimonials. According to our teams, based on their vast experience in search engine optimization in the construction industry, such information reassures users and makes their decision-making easier.

Convert site visitors into leads

Search engine optimization attracts relevant visitors and turns them into leads and customers. Using optimization, an unobtrusive technique that respects users, you will be better ranked on your target key words and impossible to avoid in your area.

Vizyshop’s expertise in search engine optimization for construction and public works websites will enable you to meet your need for visibility. We bring expertise, techniques and performance to the table.

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