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With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on, it is a rare business nowadays that has no social media presence. More than a great way to distribute content, social networks are also an excellent way of boosting your marketing strategy. While SEO consists of gaining visibility on search engines organically, SMO consists of leveraging social media to increase in popularity.

The billion-dollar question is: do social media affect SEO? Google’s official response is that no, social media have no DIRECT impact on a site’s ranking.

We nonetheless advise you to invest in SMO (Social Media Optimization) for its INDIRECT effect on SEO.

Benefits of SMO

Three activities undertaken on social media could boost your marketing strategy:

  • posting hyperlinks that redirect to your website
  • interaction such as comments and shares
  • awareness, measured by the number of fans or followers

SMO gives your website credibility

A presence on social media means you can both increase the number of new visitors to your website and encourage repeat visitors. When visitors to your website see a social network icon, they are likely to go to the page, and even subscribe. This instils a climate of trust in Internet users.

SMO increases your traffic SMO increases your traffic

SMO increases your traffic

Judicious use of relevant posts on social media combined with sharing content can increase traffic to your website. If you have high added value content, don’t restrict yourself to posting on your own website. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to generate visitors. Investing in SMO will mean you are less reliant on SEO and Google to attract visitors.

Vizyshop’s SMO services

Vizyshop offers the following SMO services:

  • Devising a social media strategy
  • Publishing schedule
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Community coordination
  • Managing advertising campaigns
  • Monitoring likes and shares

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