90% of clicks on Google are on the first page. SEA, standing for Search Engine Advertising, puts a website on the first page of search results immediately.

You understand the importance of your website’s ranking in winning new customers. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a method that supplements organic SEO, putting your website on Google’s first page immediately, thereby increasing traffic without having to wait.

The performance of your advertised listing will depend on your choice of keywords, auction prices, the quality of your advert, and your landing page. Our Google AdWords-certified SEA specialists offer support and guidance, and can build your SEA paid listing strategy.

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SEA objectives

SEA enables you to target Internet users with some precision, and to exclude those you don’t want to reach.

  • Immediately improve your site’s visibility to search engines
  • Acquire targeted traffic

Why use an agency for SEA?

Because SEA requires special attention and an expert approach. The cost of published adverts will actually depend on the consistency of the SEA strategy followed.

  • Minimize your costs
  • Reduce your CPC
  • Optimize your ROI
  • Structure your campaigns

Vizyshop’s SEA services

Vizyshop offers the following Search Engine Advertising (SEA) services:

  • Analysis of your past and current campaigns, competitive analysis of the market
  • Proposing new strategies
  • Creating new campaigns
  • Monthly reports on the results obtained

Would you like advice from one of our SEA experts to launch and track your campaigns? At Vizyshop, we know that the cost of acquisition can be very high for our clients. We therefore make it a point of honour to rank you only on searches with high added value, to generate relevant traffic and limiting the cost of campaigns. Vizyshop is a SEA agent certified by Google AdWords, based in the centre of London, committed to maintaining an excellent level of service for its customers.

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