International SEO International SEO

Objectives of international SEO

More than 70% of online searches are in languages other than English.

International SEO is used to increase your visibility and your traffic on target international markets. Europe, China and even Russia represent markets bursting with opportunities for French businesses, which is why Vizyshop makes it possible for its customers to broaden their presence beyond the French border.

In France, Google reigns supreme with 91% market share. But elsewhere, it is losing ground to alternative search engines.

International SEO aims to make you visible to foreign search engines such as Baidu, Yandex and Naver.

Vizyshop’s international SEO services

Our agency offers the following services in the area of international SEO:

  • Keyword searches and international adaptation
  • Translation of AdWords campaigns
  • Metadata optimization
  • Translation of website contents, by a local entity
  • Creation of rich content, adapted to the target countries
  • Creation of separate domain names for each country
  • Hosting in the target country
  • Configuration of Google AdWords Search Console for each version of the website
  • Source code tagging

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