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SEO - Effects only visible after 4 to 6 months according to Google

How long does it take to start seeing the effects, positives or negatives, of an SEO optimization campaign? Unless a website has been hit by a heavy penalty, its lifecycle is infinite. However, its optimization can take some time to succeed, regardless of the efforts of the webmaster to make it rank better.


By 2017 AMP pages will rank higher in Google

Google made it official, from now on the search engine will prefer AMP pages to the other ones, especially those from apps, even if they have app indexing deployed. All the websites, whatever their activity is, are now invited to adopt the AMP format, which will offer, by the end of the year, a much higher visibility in mobile search results.


Google removes lateral Adwords Ads

The web goes mad and everybody tweets about it: another change at Google! It would seem that the removal of Adwords’ advertisements on the right side of search results pages is on the agenda. It is, at least, what reports - among other things - the website Search Engine Lan.


Mobile Site: Time to get mobile !

Google in a February blog post has clearly announced that Mobile site would become mandatory. Otherwise website will be dropped down in Google results. What to do next ?

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