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Social media and their impact on SEO

Do social media impact SEO? This question is very difficult to answer. And only a few have tried for one major reason: it is often a subject of discords between the various web marketers and SEO professionals. In any case, it is generally agreed that even if social media do have an impact on SEO, it is only indirectly.


How to optimize images for SEO?

Neglected for a long time, the optimization of images for SEO is something that count enormously nowadays! Indeed, since 2007, the optimization of images is fully integrated into any SEO strategy for one obvious reason: Google's universal search has immediately meant that images and photos could be found in web searches’ results. But how to optimize images for SEO?


HTTP to HTTPS Migration

HTTPS? But what is it, you may wonder? HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol to transfer data on the internet, by using an encrypted and therefore secured system.


Googles Ads: Responsive Search Ads

Two years ago, Google launched its ETA ads (Expanded Text Ads). A few weeks ago, Google announced a brand-new format for its ads: the so-called responsive ads (Responsive Search Ads). This new type of ads increases the number of possible combinations for the advertiser. Indeed, it allows to show between two and three titles of thirty characters as well as one or two descriptions of ninety characters each.


Voice search - New guidelines for quality raters

Google recently published on its blog, Google Research blog, an article concerning the evaluation criteria for voice searches results. According to the document from the Californian firm, the determining criteria are: satisfaction, elocution, length and formulation


AdWords - Promotion extensions

After the new ads extensions, such as SMS, price and affiliate location, that have been gradually introduced over the last months, Google AdWords now adorns itself with a new extension: the promotion extensions. But how does it work and how to benefit from it in your Google AdWords campaigns?


Voice search and SEO

Do we need to prepare our websites for voice search? Since Google announces that 20% of Android users’ requests are made orally, we believe that it is sensible to ask the question. Could this small revolution, named voice search, impact the SEO of your site?


Website structure - Essential to rank well

The question of the structure of your web site is essential because a good structure offers of better results in the search engine result pages. Very often, this aspect is wrongly overlooked. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably one of the most crucial points in order to reach optimal SEO performances and encourage your visitors to navigate through the pages of your website.


Local Search Ranking Factors - The essential

While the click through rate (CTR) and the number of times a page was consulted were previously considered by the algorithm, they have now been dropped. In fact, since several months now, only three factors are taken into account by Google for local search results. Let’s have a look at which ones do really matter for local ranking today !


Link Building - Did Google roll out a new anti-spam filter?

Google algorithm’s updates rolled out over time allow the search engine to filter the results shown to web users. Hence, they play a crucial role since they help supply high-quality information to Internet users. Every update of the algorithm is extremely complex and possesses its own peculiarities. So...

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