Here, we discuss web strategies. Nowadays, every company positions itself on the web. The buyers are there, ready to purchase, and the ability to reach them is just a click away. To do that, our experts will meet your goals using a clear, effective strategy.

Assessment and benchmarking

First, we assess your line of business by “benchmarking” the competitors’ websites.

We build an individualised strategy to meet our common goals and turn your website into a reference in your line of business.

We work with you strategically by continuously optimising your adword campaigns.

Webmarketing, assessment and benchmarking

Emailing campaigns

Webmarketing, emailing campaigns

Thanks to our reports on your emailing campaigns, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of our work.

From the design of the first draft to customer targeting, each VizyShop emailing campaign guarantees optimal deliverability. Our A/B testing tools mean we can guarantee your campaign’s success.

E-advertising and Contests

Whether the goal is to generate new leads or to qualify data or email addresses, your presence on these channels is a powerful lever.

Our experts will be able to design your advertisements and contests so that they will generate a direct ROI for you on these campaigns. Being pro-active on the web is a strategy that pays off. Don’t fall behind the competition !

Webmarketing, e-advertising and contests


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