Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: social media have become a key part of developing online strategy for companies, media, associations and public/private organisations on the web. Develop a free community to promote your brand, let social networks and our experts work their magic to significantly increase the number of members in your community.

Social Media Marketing agency

After an assessment of your competitors’ presence on social networks, we will develop a strategic positioning that engages the right growth levers for you.

Sponsored news, sponsored links, shared emailings, games and contests, all these choices are possibilities thanks to our experts.

Communication on social networks pays off as a strategy because it pro-actively involves customers and especially because it has a high ROI, since it reaches Internet users right when they are receptive to information.

Our experts will choose the right keywords to impact future customers who are redirected to your website.

Social networks are here. Let VizyShop help you use them strategically.

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